Living with Depression

Living with Depression < click this link to watch the video.

I recommend that you watch this short video about what it’s really like to live with depression. If you know someone who has depression, that way you’d understand the struggle they are going through every minute of every day in their life. I would like you to know that there is something you can do for those people who has depression.

Depression is curable.

It takes serious time, dedication, patience, and love, lots of love, to help someone get through it. You would want to let them know that you are there whenever they need you. Let them know that they are not alone. Let them know that despite their complexities, their mistakes, despite the wrong things they do, you still love and care for them.

For those who are living with depression, you are not alone. I know that when you talk to others and they tell you it’s okay, but deep inside you know it’s not okay. There is nothing wrong about not being okay. Take your time, think things through even if it seems like you can’t be alone with your thoughts and badly in need of distractions. Seek out the friends and family who truly care about you, you can lean on them. They can help you.

I know that there is a wide gaping hole inside of you that seems like it can never be filled no matter what you do. I know that it seems like you can’t crawl out of that pit you’re in. I know it seems like there is nobody you can talk to because you’re ashamed or you think they already have a life and problems of their own so you don’t want to burden them with yours. I know that it seems like there is no help. I know that sometimes you feel worthless.

“Life doesn’t get easier. You get stronger.”

You’re not being lazy. You’re not procrastinating. You’re not worthless. Help is just around the corner. Help is where your friends and family are. Think about happy thoughts. Look at life at a different angle. You can wake up from this nightmare. You can get through this, you know you want to. Don’t be afraid of failing, when you do, learn from it and come back stronger than before.

Please, don’t hurt yourself.

Please, don’t ever kill ¬†yourself.

Suicide or self-harm is never an option. Think about the lives you would leave behind if you do it. Think about how they would feel if you’re gone. You could be ending other lives, too. Think about the suffering and despair you would inflict on loved ones. Your closest friends, your family, your pets.

There is hope.

Don’t ever give up.

P. S. You might think I don’t know what I’m saying. That I’m no specialist so what I said is not credible. But I’d like to think I know and understand enough of what it’s like because I’m a person who also lives with depression. It sure ain’t easy, but I try to get through it. The least I can do is also try for others. At least let them know that there is nothing wrong with trying. I suppose creating this article is also a way of pep-talking to myself and I would like to include other people.

Disclaimer: The video is not mine.

Featured Image: A screenshot from the video.


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