Late at Night When Everyone Else is Asleep

Late at night, there is something about the stillness and quiet that makes us want to stay awake until light from the horizon caresses us in the face.

When everyone else is already fast asleep; some people re-live the events that they experienced earlier that day.

Some people contemplate about perfect scenarios that should have happened.

Some people wouldn’t let go of their phones, waiting for that person they don’t think they deserve yet still desire time and attention from them.

Some people think about writing; some are already writing.

Some people curl up and muffle their sobs and screams against their fists.

Some people listen to music that perfectly sums up their day.

Some people decide to swallow handful of pills or whatever means necessary to make the pain go away.

Some people have their computer screens lighting up not just their faces but also their lives because they think it’s the only way to keep depression at bay.

Some people are sipping coffee while doing school works or company projects so when they retire, they wouldn’t have to worry about money.

Some people seek temporary friendships with a bottle of liquor they can lean on to or spill their problems that plague their being.

Some people just lie in bed staring at the wall and ceiling while letting their imaginations run rampant.

But then, most people have in common is they stay up late just to witness magic before they close their eyes and start a brand new day.


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